Imagine The PRESTIGE Of Winning a Scholarship To Represent Your Country In The Global ENTREPRENEUR X FACTOR
Final (BALI: December 2017)
Prosperity, Purpose, Publicity
Scholarships Up To $28,000 In Value Up For Grabs... 
How It Works
  • Step 1 - Simply scroll down and click to go to the order form. It  doesn't matter what business you have. Last year's scholars were as diverse as Engineers, Celebrity Chefs, Technology Businesses, Wealth Creation Companies, Consultants, Health Product Creators, Lawyers, Dance Schools and more. There is NO ENTRY FEE.
  • Step 2 - Entries close 31 July. Scholarship Winners will be notified by phone or Skype in late August. The level of your scholarship is dependent on the number of entries from your country so sharing this page increases the scholarship
  • Step 3 - Pack your bags and bring your A game. You will be joining our mentors and facilitators in Bali for the experience of a lifetime. You may win the Global Prize, but regardless you will have an amazing time and learn technologies, blueprints and concepts that will skyrocket your business success, saving you years and mega-bucks in mistakes, plus you will have grown global connections of stunning life mounds that can totally build your international business ideas.
What's at Stake
  • Every Entry Receives: - A copy of our international best selling book: Entrepreneur 'X' Factor ($35), plus our 4 part Webinar Series: Rock Your Bank Account - which is the latest technologies on marketing and sales ($495) plus - The complete Business Architecture Model: ($495) which goes step by step through the business architecture of any successful entrepreneur. That's over $1,000 of gift to you - just for entering. Done properly your entry will teach you about what you have to offer, plus you will be rewarded and be more successful just for entering.
  • We select a Scholarship Winner from each Country - You have a chance to win a scholarship between $24,000 and $28,000 to attend the Global final in Bali in December (including a complete suite of entrepreneur assistance tools)
  • Global Winner - The eventual global winner who will be selected from the scholars who attend Bali will receive a feature in the next edition of Entrepreneur 'X' Factor plus will join our mentors for four (4) days in South Africa in 2018, where they will spend 40hrs working on your business. That's a total prize pool of over $83,000
What You Can WIN

6 Days/5 Nights in Bali

You will be joining us and finalists from around the world for 6 days and 5 nights: December 3 - 8 2017. This includes all food, accomodation, program, experiences and a place in the Global Finals representing your Country.
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  • A Scholarship to Bali and Programs worth a minimum of $24,000 and up to $28,000 dependent on the quality of your application and the number of applicants from your country.
  • An opportunity to represent your country in the Global Entrepreneur X Factor Finals in Bali
  • Global Accreditation by our partner 'The Conscious Leadership Movement' as an Associate Conscious Leader
  • Over a dozen Entrepreneur Assistance Programs as part of the Scholarship worth $22,000, plus access to our Global Entrepreneur Circle of Excellence at the Bronze Level for One Year, plus a host of tools, webinars and coaching clinics
Sharing Increases The Prize

The Cost of a Single Entry to the Entrepreneur X Factor 6 Day/5 Night event is $4,995 USD. Cash Scholarships are awarded against this prize. A winner from each country will be awarded a Scholarship once 25 or more entries are received from that country.

Prizes include all accomodation, food and experiences. Flights, Visas, Travel Insurance and Transfers are not included.

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What is The QUANTUM Business School

In Bali, you will get to mix with, learn from and create relationships with like-minded socially conscious entrepreneurs and thought leaders globally.

You will get to see exactly how you and your business stack up 'X' Factor wise, and learn everything you need to in order for your business to reflect your 'X' Factor.
This alone will have your business standing out like an Olympic Champion in your industry, allowing you to grow exponentially and giving you the magic bullet your competition simply does not have.
The focus is on Shortcuts & Hacks for Success, The Business Strategic Blueprint and International Expertise and sending you home bound to influence and disrupt your market. To do this we de-engineer and re-engineer your business with one on one attention by our award winning global panel of experts.


Day 1 - Program starts at 1pm

  • Today we will start with your purpose, why you do what you do, also a diagnosis of the way in which you are living your lifestyle compared to the way in which you desire to live.
  • We look at the clarity you have around your current plans and ideas and the reasons behind you taking the actions you have which have got you to this point in your life
  • We study the beliefs you may have an explore the way in which the world may operate differently than you have thought it to.
  • We will look at your interaction dynamic - the way you see the world and give you insights to help you better understand you and others and the value systems

Day 4

  • Today you will work on strategic alliances and professional partners. You will learn what you need, how to approach them and get them on side and the ability to negotiate.
  • You will make connections and discover others networks and the power of the law of 1 step removed, which is a law that creates maximum wealth
  • You will learn how to build partnership and sponosrship agreements and how to leverage off other epople's lists and how to entice high quality referrals
  • Today is the Semi finals for the Entrepreneur X Factor Competition. Winners of the Quarter Finals will pitch for 5 minutes to the group.

Day 2:

  • Today is all about road testing your idea. You will come up to speed in Social Media & new ways of connecting to your market
  • You will pitch your product and service within the group and recieve feedback and insights
  • You will prepare a standard sales presentation for one of our Mentor SAGE's and present your product to them.
  • You will create a mission, vision & values for your idea or business

Day 5

  • Today you will work on a online marketing platform for a simple product sale and analyse your current connections for potential investors or sources of funds for a variety of deals
  • You will look at the 3rd step of what you need to do to maximise your market and the Grand Slam and stretch strategy you need to employ to have a stunning year in the following year
  • By now you will have defined your 'X' Factor and you will reposition your brand message, products and pitch around that.
  • You will make a list of products, people, markets, systems and other potential acquisitions and you will learn how to catagorize and prioritize that list
  • Today is the Final for the Entrepreneur X Factor Competition. Winners of the Semi Finals will pitch for 7 minutes to the group.

Day 3

  • Today we will go into the intricacies of branding and team building. You will learn outsourcing and practically apply it.
  • You will establish job briefs, outsourcing briefs, pricing, metrics to analyse results and performance manage
  • You will understand the power of lists, referrals, positioning brand and brand association
  • Today is the quarter finals for the Entrepreneur X Factor Competition. You will pitch for 3 minutes to the group.

Day 6 - Finishing at 1pm

  • Today you will build a system for your business or idea. This will include the flow charts and systems by which to initiate everything. You will have the results of other projects you have completed along the way and now be in a position to stop or go on any component of your new business or life
  • You will be preparing to go, fully equipped, knowing the new you, what will work for you and what will not work for you. 
  • You will have an action plan, partner list, funding arm, a new network, experience in outsourcing and much more.
  • You will have made global connections, be part of a community worldwide of simps brilliant entrepreneurs who share your vision of the world.

Mike Handcock
Mike creates transformational situations to facilitate people, just like you, stepping into their greatness and maintaining themselves in a new state of abundance, prosperity, health and business success.The Chairman of Rock Your Life, Mike has, since 2002, built multiple, multi-million Dollar business and over the past 10 years has been mentoring entrepreneurs, millionaires and billionaires from around the world, whilst facilitating them on extraordinary Journeys to their Soul.

Mike has written 14 books on Business and Self Help, is an expert on Ancient Egypt and alternative history and was mentioned by President Bill Clinton for his Philanthropic Work.
Dave Rogers
Dave Rogers builds and mentors social enterprises and coaches thousands of inspired entrepreneurs to apply practical business methodologies that are aligned and guided by their higher sense of being and purpose.. By combining practical learning strategies with highly charged emotional drivers, the results are measurable, the shifts in attitude are long lasting, and the experience is life changing.

Dave is regarded as "Asia's Leading Entrepreneur Coach" and is one of Asia's most sought after keynote speakers with engagements all over Asia Pacific. Since 2011, Dave has spoken in over fifteen cities including ten countries on four continents to over 25,000 people.

Landi Jac
Landi has been the consultant of choice to brands such as Thomson Reuters, Swiss Air, Re-Max and other A-listers; has exposure to exceptional business tools; co-facilitates business schools in exotic locations and meets with some of the most interesting entrepreneurs on the planet.

She launched her consultancy company before she was 30 and quickly grew this business by over 330%. This led her to write and launch 'The Prosperity Code for Consultants' a system that shows consultants how to take expertise and package it in a way that truly creates prosperity and makes a difference.  Landi has 3 degrees in Industrial Psychology and has clients all across the world.
After Entering the Competition you receive:

International Best Seller

A copy of our international best seller Entrepreneur 'X' Factor complete with case studies from all aspects of entrepreneurship (Valued at $35)

Rock Your Bank Account

Entry to our 4 week webinar series Rock Your Bank Account. This series looks at the short cuts you can use to put revenue into your business fast. (Valued at $495)

The Business Architecture Series

This 5 module blueprint covers the 5 key aspects of strategy, marketing, sales, service and team. This is all you need to build your business right. (Valued at $495)
Our Gift to YOU is over $1,000 just for entering
A part or full scholarship to attend the Global Entrepreneur 'X' Factor final, 5 Nights and 6 Days in Bali in December 3 - 8
A complete range of Entrepreneur Tools with over a dozen home study complete courses plus...
  • One Years Membership to our Global Circle of Excellence at the Bronze Level
  • Global Accreditation as an Associate Conscious Leader
  • Ongoing Webinars & Coaching Clinics for 12 months to ensure you action everything you learn, plus have a support structure on brilliant mentors and technology
Valued at over $24,000
The 2016 Global Winner was Dr Dickson Lai (Malaysia). Dickson's technology is EmoWave® - The worlds first psychological profiling tool that doesn't ask any questions. The EmoWave® Mission is 'Creative Intelligence for Predictive Behaviour'  Listen to Dickson's first Video, shot before his win was announced. The second video was shot on Day 3 of his prize, in Cape Town, spending 4 days with our Mentors working for over 40hrs on his business. That prize is over $50,000 in value.
Dr Dickson Lai (Before Winning)
Dr Dickson Lai (During his prize)
Richard Hardiman: Scholarship South Africa

Richard had a stunning idea that could really help the planet, but it was no more than an idea. Through the Entrepreneur X Factor process he created massive attraction, which led him to become fully funded, relocate to Rottendam in Holland and his dream became a reality, helping the worlds harbours get rid of waste.

Joanne Fedler: Scholarship Australia

Whilst Joanne has been personally very successful, selling 650,000 copies of her books, she like many people was stuck knowing how to leverage her skill to the next level. Through winning a scholarship to attend the 2016 Entrepreneur 'X' Factor finals series - Joanne found out how to best leverage her expertise globally and turn it into not only cash but a meaningful and heart felt addition to society.

After working with over 250,000 entrepreneurs in 46 countries around the world since 2006 we realized that most entrepreneurs have great ideas, are really great people, who want to build a sustainable business, lifestyle and legacy and do something great for humanity at the same time.

Yet we also noticed that even some of the best entrepreneurs we met had missed some fundamentals of business, and had literally wasted years before they even knew anything was wrong.
We realised that it came down to 'X' Factor. That secret missing link that stirs audiences, mobilises crowds and has your business skyrocket. We studied it and we cracked the code.

In 2012 we launched the Global Entrepreneur 'X' Factor Competition. This is not only where we see who has this ingredient, it's where we teach it. Entrepreneur X Factor is a teachable skill. It's transferable. Each and every person attending the 3 days with us is going to leave knowing the HOW2 create Entrepreneur 'X' Factor and we share the components of it in our best selling book, available to all contestants.
Frequently Asked Questions...
  • Who are the Judges? - Judges for all entries will be expert entrepreneurs associated with Rock Your Life. They each tally their votes based on criteria and we will be selecting the entrepreneur with the most votes for each country. Judges for the final will include our mentors and the audience.
  • Is the Scholarship a Full Scholarship? - Once we have 100 entries from your country the scholarship will be a full scholarship, which includes products, one years membership to our community, plus the full price of 6 Days in Bali at the resort on a Twin Share Basis, inc food for the Global Final. When we reach 150 entries from your country we will also contribute $1,000 cash to your flights if you win.
  • Will there be just one person representing my country? - Most likely but there may be full paid participants, who have gone through a selection process. In addition if there are over 200 entries from your country subsequent scholarships may be added so we would encourage you to share this page and encourage people to enter
  • What happens after I enter? - Your entry will be forwarded to our judges after the close of the competition. All entrants will receive their gifts on 30 June. Judges will review your written entry and any video or website you have sent. Scholarship Winners will be called between 15 and 31 July. If are unable to take the call we will try twice more then move onto our next choice. You be told whether you have a full or part scholarship and asked to accept the prize. If you have a part scholarship we will enter into a payment arrangement for the balance. Between 1 November and 30 November you will be asked to gain votes on your entry. The number of votes you get will count for 20% of your end votes during the final. You will receive full advice of details for arrival and what is expected in Bali in the month before the Bali finals.
Still Need Convincing To Enter.....
Robyn Pearce: Global Time Management Expert (New Zealand)
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