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The Octopus Tribe (Octo-Tribe as we refer to it)

We are on a search to find the Entrepreneurs with the most 'X' Factor from around the world. This is your opportunity to showcase your business or idea at a global level.

Introducing a competition that anyone can win. It's not about the best business plan, the biggest revenue or how well known you are. It's about 'X' Factor. That secret magic bullet ingredient that stands you apart from everyone else.


Starts July 19 2021

  • How To Enter: There is NO COST to enter. Simply click on the registration button and fill in the entry form, by answering a few simple questions. That's all you need to do initially. Entries are open from Monday 19 July - Friday 6 August

  • Judging Panel Selects Best Entries: Our judging panel will go through the entries and select our 40 top entries as finalists.

  • Finalists Advised and Finals Begin: If you are selected as a finalist you will be advised. You will be invited to a special webinar where you will be told how to put together a 2 minute video, which will be uploaded to this site, where the general public and your tribe can vote for you. Videos must be uploaded by 20 August.

  • Finalists Voted For: Voting will be live for 7 days from 20 August - 27 August. Winners will be announced on 1 September 2021

  • Terms & Conditions: Please see FAQ's below, which contain full information - but most importantly - ENTER TODAY


    Entering Entrepreneur 'X' Factor Will Teach You Much About Where You Are At In Your Entrepreneurial Career. Just By Being Part Of It You Can Learn To:

    Understand How To Write Great Copy That Entices

    Test Your Concepts Globally

    Pitch A Great Idea In Just A Couple Of Minutes

    Get Greater Online Influence 

    Tempt People To Partner With You

    Get A Greater Understanding of Smart Business Systems

    See How You Stack Up Against Others Like You From Around The World

    Test Your Level Of Influence In Your Marketplace



    When Are You Actually Going To Consider Believing, Whole Heartedly, Everything You Have Been Saying To Yourself?

    A Cape Town DJ, called Richard Hardiman was sitting on the fence. 'Would he enter Entrepreneur X Factor or not?'

    His idea was only just formed. There was no business plan, no proven concept and no funds to do anything about it. But he decided it was the time to finally step up and believe in everything he knew he could be. He entered, pitched and won.

    Today Richard Hardiman is a multiple international award winning green techpreneur based in Europe, who runs RanMarine, the key product being Waste Shark®, the idea he pitched a few years ago. Just this week he posted on facebook his new Range Rover he purchased. He believed and so did we.




    A Certificate Of Being A Finalist

    We want you to promote your brilliance to the world.

    Why not shout if from the rooftop that you were able to gain the ability to be a finalist in a significant global competition. You will receive your authentic certificate.

    The Octopus® Ed-Tech Platform

    The Octopus® Ed-Tech Platform is easy to use, and gives every entrepreneur direct access to answers, and systems to overcome any issue in business. Certified for it's educational and pedagogical content at the same level as major universities, the Octopus has nearly 100 blueprints in its sixty plus modules. Plus it qualifies you for CPD points in your industry. It's genius. 

    Access To The Private Entrepreneur Village

    You will be invited to join the Octo-Tribe and gain entry to our village for a full year.

    This is facilitated through a private Facebook Group. We post unique and relevant content daily, plus you can do business with any of the other tribe members around the world. Ethics and Commonsense prevail in this space and we have seen many great partnerships, friendships and even one marriage happen in our tribe

    Weekly Webinars & Masterclasses

    Each week for about 46 week a year we run a Masterclass or Webinar online for all of our members.

    These online events are all very special. They are hosted by our founders and a combination of experts selected from one of our associated ventures, The Global Expert Institute. These people are influencers and are best of breed in their market. Typical topics include Ideas, Brand, Team, Partners, Equity, Acquisition, Cash Flow, System, marketing, Sales, Mindset, Beliefs and literally much much more.

    1 on 1 Strategy Meeting

    All qualifying finalists will be given a 1 - 1 strategy call with Mike Handcock or Landi Jac.

    On the call, Mike or Landi will help you plan a path that is right for you and your business going forward. They will point out how you can capitalise on your position as a finalist and capitalise on your current market and ideas.




  • Accredited by Education Alliance Finland at the same level as major universities.

  • Over a dozen awards in Business & Speaking, including a 2020 APAC Award for Conscious Eco Leadership and the 2020 Global Speakers Federation Presidents Award.

  • Authors of over a dozen books in Business & Mindset including 3 Amazon #1 and 6 International Best Sellers

  • Trademarked Technology, gathered from over 2300 global events and an Accredited CPD Point provider.

  • And last but not least, Co Founders of the Conscious Leadership Movement and Five International Companies with clients in over fifty countries they have visited.



    Akhil won Educator of the Year in 2020 in India. He is a partner in Kaizenvest, India's first private equity company focused on education. Akhil is also the chairperson of numerous schools and colleges.

    He is a determined philanthropist.


    Stuart is the Global CEO of Ace Edventure, a conglomerate of education companies based in Malaysia. He on the board of Education Alliance Finland and Strategic Adviser to PTWGS Cloud & Mobility Indonesia


    Barbados Born Nick Nanton is a lawyer, whose company Celebrity Branding Agency, launched a career of finding and documenting thought leaders. Winner of 22 Emmy's a Producer/Director Nick has made films on Larry King & Jack Canfield.


    There will be one Global Winner as selected by Judges, abiding by the rules (see FAQ's). 

    That individual will recieve the following prizes valued at over $30,000USD to purchase, but worth over $100,000 in potential revenue for any business.


    The Winner of Entrepreneur X Factor will be asked to write the forward for the next edition of the book.

    Two editions of the book have been launched so far, winning an Award for Business Book of the Year in 2015 and International Best Seller. In 2020, the 2nd edition was launched with updated content and became an Amazon #1 Best Seller on debut, topping three catagories. This is a perfect way to get your brand out there with the worlds best.


    Not only will you be coached personally by Mike Handcock and Landi Jac and members of their team, you will be given the full access to all the IP you need, including blueprints, models, webinars, masterminds, and access to their own private networks for introductions. 


    This 6 day event is a stunning way to de-engineer your business and life and to re-engineer where you are at. Just grab flights and all accomodation, food and the experience is taken care of.

    *Note - Dates Are Co-Vid dependent and we reserve the right to change the location.


    Up to a 4-Page Spread will be given to the ultimate winner in LEAD Magazine. This is a global magazine focussed on Conscious Leaders both in print and online with a current distribution of over 20,000 copies.


    Your Questions Answered

    Why should I enter?

    Entrepreneur X Factor is not about the best plan, the most revenue or how good you can pitch. It's that magic bullet, that sees some entrepreneurs just fly, regardless of economies, skill, funding or resources. We have defined X Factor as where your passion and competence meet, based on 4 pillars; Presence | Clarity | Questions & Unique Ability. People will feel it within seconds of interacting with you. You should enter to see if you create instant attraction, how different markets get what your about and to get noticed internationally - and if you win, or become a finalist, you can leverage the heck out of this from a positioning viewpoint.

    What is the History of Entrepreneur X Factor?

    Mike Handcock founded Entrepreneur X Factor in 2012. In it's first year fifteen live events were held in 15 countries globally. By 2015 that had increased to 26 Live events. Young Entrepreneur X Factor was launched in 2019, and featured amazing business ideas from teens and tweens. Some of their ideas would blow your socks off. In 2020, Entrepreneur X Factor was put on hold for Co-vid. Over the years some exceptional individuals have launched amazing global businesses through the competition.

    Who are the judges?

    For all entries the judges will be a team of high profile people, such as board members of the Circle of Excellence Group, who are based on five continents. The ruling judges are Mike Handcock and Landi Jac. In the finals you will be judged by five independent judges who will make up 50% of the vote. The other 50% will be based on the number of votes your entry attracts. So you can win if you have a great tribe who love and support you and do a good job.

    What are the time frames and what do I really need to do?

    Step 1: Click on a button on this page and fill in your entry application. It's free and should just take a few minutes.

    Step 2: If you are a finalist - you will be briefed on how to prepare a pitch video. Videos are to be two minutes long and its up to you how much effort you put in. We have seen great videos done on smart phones. We will leave that up to your creativity.

    That's all really - however we do advise you to be on our webinars if you really want some tips to win.

    How are the winners decided?

    In round one 40 finalists are decided by the judges. Your entry should take just a few minutes to fill apply for. If you are a chosen finalist you will be asked to create a 2 minute pitch video. Don't worry - there will be a webinar and instructions on how to do it. We aren't after production quality, it's getting people excited about your business or idea that counts. That will be loaded onto a special web page along with the other videos and you can ask people to vote for you. Our communities globally will also be asked to vote, plus we will be enticing people from social media as well. The judges will review your video and rate it based on the criteria set. That will count for 50% of your score. The number of votes you get will count for the other 50%. Each ten votes gets you 1%. Winners will be announced on 1 September 2021. No correspondence will be entered into regarding finalists and winners. We know you can understand. You will be clearly briefed all the way.

    How do I know this isn’t just a waste of time?

    It depends on your mindset really. Do you have an abundance mindset or a scarcity mindset. We know you are busy. We own five international companies ourselves and sit on the boards of many others. One of the beautiful things about entering any type of award is that you learn so much about how you show up in the marketplace, how you craft your story, how much you love doing what you do, and that feedback is priceless. We have won many international awards and the process of giving information to the judges always helps us grow. And if you win, just imagine what it can do for your brand, your positioning and the even the way your family and friends will see you, after putting blood, sweat and tears into what you do. We urge you to believe in yourself and go for it!




    Before entering the competition Richard Hardiman was a DJ on Twin Oceans Vibe In Cape Town. The concept he presented is now a globally award winning eco technology called RanMarine based in Rottedam

    Richard Hardiman (South Africa)

    Kim Davey won the Global Entrepreneur X Factor in 2015 with her start-up World Class Dance Schools. She moved to LA, and became a major success & Tv star, bringing teens to the USA and getting them exposure.

    Kim Davey (New Zealand)

    Dickson won the 2016 Global Final with his product, EmoWave; a blueprint to Emotional Intelligence. His win led to tours of several countries setting up licensing partnerships and brand expansion.

    Dr Dickson Lau (Malaysia)

    Sonia's 2 minute video got an extraordinary number of votes globally. Based in Hong Kong she is a 2 X TedX Speaker and has her own wellness institute, where she has a certified training curriculum.

    Sonia Samtani (Hong Kong)

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